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In 2010, we formed our studio in the heart of Innsbruck, Austria.


Team Size

We are growing and gathering outstanding talent both within Austria and internationally all over the world.



In addition to our main office in Innsbruck, our team opened a second office in Finland in 2021, a country known for its thriving games industry and glowing talent.


Own IP + Existing Franchises

We create own IPs like Drone Swarm and Rescue HQ, and also work on franchises like the very successful Bus Simulator series. Together, we’ve worked on many titles and a number of industry projects.


Sim, Strategy, Management

Our team has accumulated expertise in simulation, strategy, and management games. With exceptional theoretical knowledge we foray into fluid dynamics (Drone Swarm), heat dissipation (Son of Nor terraforming) and many more simulation topics like pedestrian and traffic systems (Bus Simulator).


A Full Remote Studio

Join us in one of our offices or work remotely – the choice is yours. Everything in stillalive is primed for remote work and we welcome motivated individuals from all over the world to become a part of our family.

Our Leadership Team

Our Studio

Julian Mautner

Studio Head

Our Studio

Robin Eves

Head of Operations

Our Studio

Michael Tisler

Head of Products

Our Studio

Hendrik Lesser


Our Team of Directors

Our Studio

Katja Sonnleitner

Art Director

Our Studio

John Zezelic

Tech Director

Our Studio

Miika Perkola

Tech Art Director

Our Studio

Chris Polus

Brand Director

Our Studio

Christian Kleissl

Finance Director

It's in our DNA

We Take Ownership

Passion is at the heart of stillalive! We commit to finishing what we started. We pour our hearts and souls into our games. We go the extra mile and we get it done reliably. We own our mistakes and learn from them.

We Drive Forward

Being curious, challenging the status quo and creative problem-solving is what defines us. Constantly improving ourselves, creating technology that separates us from others in the industry.

We Care

We care about you, what we do, and our games. We believe in sustainable relationships. Our team is here for the long run, supporting each other in a healthy team atmosphere. This also extends to our partners and customers, which we always treat with respect.

We Own Remote Working

Our studio started with many remote team members in 2014. Since then we evolved and perfected remote working. Our team, culture, workflows and systems are streamlined for this purpose. Interested in remote positions? Check out our careers page!