The World is Your Weapon in Son of Nor, a third-person action-adventure! Alter the environment with your terraforming abilities, use telekinetic powers to bend the dynamic surroundings to your will and cast powerful elemental spells that can be combined to wreak havoc on your enemies!

About the Game

  • Telekinesis: Tear rocks out of canyon walls and hurl them at opponents or use your telekinetic abilities to solve intriguing puzzles. Move and throw objects to prepare traps and use the environment to your advantage!
  • Terraforming: Raise and lower sand to bury enemies, excavate secret passages, block entrances, create barricades, reach elevated places to gain a tactical advantage, or go haywire and bury entire buildings!
  • Elemental Magic: Unlock Wind, Fire and Essence magic to enhance your arsenal. Cast powerful spells or enchant telekinetically controlled objects for extra deadly attacks! Combine multiple magic spells to unlock even more powerful techniques!
  • Co-op Multiplayer: Son of Nor supports four player online co-op play as well as two player local splitscreen co-op.
  • Includes an original atmospheric soundtrack composed specifically for Son of Nor.

Realeased on

28. April 2015


Viva Media


Action Adventure


Unity 3D


Real-time Terrain Terraforming & Path Finding

A-List Voice Actors

Original Soundtrack

Windows & Mac Multiplatform Release