Cozy Life-Sim In the Austrian Alps

Kindred Vale is an enchanting life-sim set in the mystical Austrian Alps, filled with the spirits of regional folklore. You have the power to see them all and use their magic. Blend foraging, farming and crafting with heartfelt relationships and a community rich with stories. Embark on a serene journey to bring harmony to the worlds of humans and mountain spirits, transforming Kindred Vale back into a haven of peace and beauty.

About the Game

  • Painterly Austrian Alps setting
  • A beautiful, mystical community to explore
  • A world rich with the region’s folklore
  • You have the gift to talk to nature spirits and use their magical abilities
  • Restore the balance between the human and the spirit world
  • Explore the vale and uncover its secrets
  • Forage, cook, craft, decorate

Realease Date

Kickstarter planned for September, Early Access in 2025


stillalive studios


Cozy Life-Sim


Unreal 5

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