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Are you an amazing Social Person?

What we offer?

  • Full remote working from anywhere in the world!
  • Flexible working hours, free Friday afternoons, short core hours
  • Continuous professional environment. We invest in our people and don’t burn them out.
  • A place to call home, people to call friends, stillalive is here for the long term.

What we DO?

  • Make amazing games worth falling in love with.
  • Core game projects for PC and Consoles
  • No crunch, nada, a fair working environment
  • Disrupt. We challenge the industry to be a better place and lead by example.

What we ASK FOR?

  • You’re a social native and know the ins and outs of various networks, how to interpret analytics and track initiatives 📊
  • Creating engaging content, images and videos for our social acounts, where you’ll interact a lot with our community directly, seems like 🍰
  • Coordinating playtests for our games, setting up and moderating livestreams and chats between our community and dev teams is a 🚶 in the 🏞
  • You’ll gather feedback on our games from all over the internet, analyze it and inform our dev crew of the big topics. In short, you’ll be an integral part of our plan to bring our online and community activities to the next level 💜
  • Please apply with some ideas you could imagine posting to Twitter, Instagram, TokTok for our studio along the usual CV and cover letter.


  • We assess EVERY application!
  • We invite appropriate candidates to an interview.
  • We sometimes do tests, but WE PAY YOU FOR YOUR TIME.
  • We keep all applicants informed.
  • YOU join a team and studio worth falling in love with!


Give this application form a go!

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