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@stillaliveGames ↗️

Engage with us, have fun with polls, be silly.

stillaliveGames Channel ↗️

Where we post longer videos about game creation. And our game trailers.

@stillaliveGames ↗️

Where we post short engaging videos about making games.

stillalive studios ↗️

Connect with us on LinkedIn where we post our job openings and what we’re up to in a professional environment.

stillalive studios ↗️

We stream our work, talks, and games from time to time. Follow us for the lols.

Our Communities

stillalive Game Community ↗️

Our game community is for everyone playing our games. Take a peek behind the scenes where our games are made.

Ever been curious about the game development process? Now’s your chance to chat with us. Engage in AMA sessions, pose questions, join us for hangouts, or provide direct playtesting feedback.

stillalive Professional Community ↗️

On our Pro Community Discord, we hone our game creation skills in challenges, analyse game designs, invite guests to speak about making games, and provide feedback to portfolios / showreels / CVs to increase the chances of getting a job.

For active game professionals (game students, indies, sound designers, game designers, artists, modelers, developers…) only.