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Engage with us, have fun with polls, be silly.

stillaliveGames Channel ↗️
Our trailers and studio videos. This is our studio on YouTube.

stillaliveGames Page ↗️
Posts about our studio, games and people.

stillalive studios ↗️
Connect with us on LinkedIn where we post our job openings and what we’re up to in a professional environment.

Our PRO Community

stillalive Game Labs Discord Invite ↗️
On Discord, we hone our game creation skills in challenges, analyse game designs, invite guests to speak about making games, and provide feedback to portfolios / showreels / CVs to increase the chances of getting a job.

For active game professionals (game students, indies, sound designers, game designers, artists, modelers, developers…)

@stillaliveLabs ↗️
Follow our game development insights, get inspiration from our Discord challenges, find information on guest talks and other dev activities.

stillalive Game Labs Channel ↗️
Subscribe to our challenges and breakdown sessions. You’ll find all our sound and music challenges here. A treasure trove of inspiration where we also show off our techniques.

stillalive studios ↗️
We stream our work, talks, and games from time to time. Follow us for the lols.


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