Experienced Programmer

Worth Falling In Love With


Are you an amazing Programmer?

What we ASK FOR?

  • In-depth knowledge of C++ development practices (including but not limited to template metaprogramming and allocation/layout strategies)
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4 or 5 (preferably launched at least one project; preferably with a team)
  • Experience with functional paradigm patterns (pure functions, functors, monads, in languages such as Rust, Haskell or F#)
  • Experience in and passion for at least one of following directions: math (rendering, physics), hardware (PC, consoles, networking stack, performance optimization), architecture (preferably functional), teamwork (tool development and/or lead experience)
  • Passion and long-term vision towards building state-of-the-art products 💜

What we offer?

  • Full remote working from anywhere in the world!
  • Flexible working hours, free Friday afternoons, short core hours
  • Continuous professional environment. We invest in our people and don't burn them out.
  • A place to call home, people to call friends, stillalive is here for the long term.

What we DO?

  • Make amazing games worth falling in love with.
  • Core game projects for PC and Consoles
  • No crunch, nada, a fair working environment
  • Disrupt. We challenge the industry to be a better place and lead by example.


  • We assess EVERY application!
  • We invite appropriate candidates to an interview.
  • We sometimes do tests, but WE PAY YOU FOR YOUR TIME.
  • We keep all applicants informed.
  • YOU join a team and studio worth falling in love with!


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